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Extremely safe sea kayaks, canoes and rowboats


Safety is a key element for every boat. Each boat is built with only the finest material available. These boats will not sink and are very durable. Sea Kayaks will stay float when fully awash, even with both hatches open.

Do I need to be an experienced carpenter?


No! All Canoe and Sea Kayak kits are made with extreme care, thus they are properly fabricated and easy to assemble. In addition, the workshops/classes offered at White Salmon Boat Works are a hands - on practical application designed for first time boat builders with shop owner Ray Klebba's leading each session.



The cost of the "Workshop/Classes with Boat Kit" or Boat Kit orders only will vary for each style of boat being built. Please refer to the appropriate web page for the correct listing. Click here for facts Boat Kits and for information on our click here Workshop/Classes with Boat Kit.



A White Salmon Dream Boat is as much a piece of art as it is a pleasure to build. Our boat shop specializes in building boats using the woodstrip construction method. The smooth classic lines and rich finish will make you the envy of all on the water. Whether you choose to build your own boat or have us custom-build your sea kayak, canoe or row boat the final product is a unique and dynamic water craft.



A White Salmon Boat has a warm-hued natural wood finish as each boat is built with select full-length, western red cedar. Wood trim is of varying hardwoods: mahogany, cherry or just about any other wood of your choice. Lifting these boats is also a treat, since its lightness is at once apparent (40-60lbs).

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Polar Star

Columbia Star

Shell Star

Shell Star

Twin Star Sea Kayak

Twin Star

Kenosha Canoe


Small Fry Canoe

Small Fry

Wahkeena Canoe


Klickitat Canoe


Too Busy ? We Can Build Your Dreamboat

Takalak Canoe


White Salmon Pram Row Boat

White Salmon Pram

Wherry Row Boat

Wherry Row Boat

"Build your DREAM BOAT today"!!

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