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All White Salmon Boat Works boat kits are built with extreme care for details and accuracies. By doing so we ensure that each kit will be easy to assemble, free of any hidden complications and each part is hand made by me. All of our kits come with compete support - either by email, text, digital photographs, or by telephone.

Many people have enjoyed building woodstrip boats from our kits. Many of our kit buyers have return to buy another kit. When you decide to purchase a hand made kit from White Salmon Boat Works, our main mission is to have YOU the customer experience the least amount of problems in assembling the kit, along with the greatest amount of enjoyment in building and finishing your boat.

White Salmon Boat Works has been building boats for many years, and we have spoken with a variety of different types of want-to-be builders, either at fairs, shopping malls, boats shows, or with the person who walks into our boat shop. So throughout the years we have developed what we think are a few good time tested kit scenarios for our customers. We use only the finest of materials in each kit we put together, such as: Tight Bond II glue, System Three SB 112 boat builders epoxy, Z - Spar's Flagship Varnish, full length, clear and knot free western red cedar milled to`1/4" x 3/4" x ? - length of the boat selected.

Our kits prices may cost a little more than many other kit builders, however when you compare the contents of our kits with other providers, you will easily see the value you receive. We are THE ONLY kit provider that supplies the complete strongback and the saddle supports. We want you to compare prices and contents from other canoe/kayak builders before you buy a White Salmon Boat Works kit.

If you have any specific questions about this kit, please telephone me or our workshop at (509) 637-4393 - send us an email @ Rayklebba@Gmail.com. We will be happy to help answer any and all questions you may have. Let us get you started on building your Dream Boat today.

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