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Storm Paddle

Storm Paddle ~$275 Buy Now
Storm Paddle TAP~ $245.00Buy Now

WHY WOOD? You may wonder why you should even consider a premium-quality wood paddle - cheaper plastic and wood paddles are certainly available.

But do consider this: Wood paddles, have a tough resilient flex that reduces strain on your arms, shoulders, back muscles. Remember too, wood is warmer on your hands.

Greenland Paddle

Greenland Paddle (TAP) ~$310 Buy Now
Greenland Paddle ~ $210 Buy Now

This flex in the shaft, combined with a moderate blade size, permits rhythmic strokes of 30 to 40 per minute. This is a comfortable paddling cadence that is easy to maintain over longer distances

Premium wood paddles like Cricket Paddles are designed for the most efficient paddling possible while retaining their lightweight. Reinforced tips and fiberglass blades create a paddle that is strong and durable - yet the beauty of the wood shows through!

Cricket Spoon Paddle

Arctic Spoon Paddle (TAP) ~ $310 Buy Now
Arctic Spoon Paddle ~ $275 Buy Now
Arctic Mini Spoon Paddle (TAP) ~ $310 Buy Now
Arctic Mini Spoon Paddle ~ $275 Buy Now

Cricket Paddles catch your eye- no doubt about it. These paddles are the perfect match for your wooden boat. Their glass-smooth finish on western red cedar cherry and black willow combined with designer wave tips put them in class by themselves.

Beauty is only skin deep… What you really want to know is: Are they functional in the water - and will they hold up?

Performance -------- Designed for hours of tireless paddling with a very quiet entry into the water smooth, powerful strokes and good bracing ability.

Durability. Designed for paddling hard in a headwind and the rigors of push-off and landings on sandy and rocky beaches.

Laminated Shafts do not snap in Two. This is an important point when taking strong, powerful strokes. The strong five-piece laminated shaft is stronger than a one-piece or even three-piece shaft. Lamination, good design and the choice of specific woods keeps the weight light without sacrificing strength.

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