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10' Cosine Wherry Rowboat

Smoooth Lines ~ Very Stable ~ Fun For the Family



Not only is the 10 Cosine Wherry a beautiful looking boat, it is a boat with plenty of stability. Wherry Row Boat

The combination of elegant lines and lightweight wood-stripper construction, she is the rower’s dream.

She responds instantly to a light pull in the oars and gets up to hull speed with a few strokes.

Wherry Row Boat
Wherry Row Boat

The Cosine 10 footer is designed as a yacht tender or for wherever an easily carried and stored boat is needed.

She is 10 feet long and four feet wide, and should weigh about 65 lbs.

Wherry Row Boat Wherry Row Boat Wherry Row Boat

She can be rowed from either of two oar locks stations, though the forward position may be a bit tight for a larger person you can still rwo it well. Total design displacement (boat and load) is about 300 lbs.

While meant to be rowed, she can mount a small motor. She is designed to be strip-planked by an amateur, wood worker working in a small area, without expensive tools. 200 – 250 hours

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