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White Salmon Boat Works is located in White Salmon, Washington on the North eastern edge of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. The boat shop is located about a one hour drive east of Portland, Oregon. Ray Klebba is a master artisan with over 35 years of experience in designing, redeiging and building award-wining boats. His mentors were many old time boat builders in Minnesota where he learned the craft of cedar strip canoe building. Over the years the quality of his artisanship has become a trademark of Ray Klebba's work, as his longevity of his business is proof of this. When you first look at Ray Klebba's boats, the remarkable shapes and artistic designs will draw you to the boat. Upon closer inspection, you see that both shape and contrasting colors of wood have been woven together to create a powerful visual effect that Ray calls "Functional Art". His specialization in only the woodstrip building method has lead him into "build one more boat." Ray's White Salmon Boat Shop is home to the award winning sea kayaks, canoe and rowboats. Ray's passion for boat building has led him on a pathway towards teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. His works shops were only hands-on practical applications with Ray's personal guidance inside the workshop. These classes lasted from three to five months long. Finally the day comes when Ray and his student gather to celebrate their boat launching. Over the last fifteen years Rays has taught over eight-five individual proud boat owners to guide them through this creative process of boat build. His students age range from twelve to eight two years old. They all walked away with sometimes the most rememberable experiece one could experice.


Kenosha was our officially shop dog and inspector.






In honor of Rays dog Kenosha, Ray named his most poplar canoe in his honor,

The Kenosha Canoe.

We hope as you visit our website that you will discover that having your dream boat can be a true reality.

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1006 NW Cherry Hill Rd. White Salmon, Washington 98672 USA Call-509-637-4393 Email- Rayklebba@gmail.Com
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