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For the last 15 years I have lead "build your own boat"work shop classes at the boat shop. I have had over 85 students build their own "Dreamboat". I enjoyed the extreme pleasure in developing a friendly relationship with each student. The Student spent at least 4 months of weekends and mid-week class time - around two hundred hours. I have enjoyed many types of personalities as well as the pairing of students such as: Father and Son, Mother and Daughter, Husband and Wife, Grandfather and Grandson and of course individuals as well - build their "Dreamboat". It truly was a learning experience for them as well as for me.

As we all know time marches on fastest that we think or want and now after 15 years of teaching I'm slowing down. I'm now 70 years old and its time to rethink my next stage in life. Unfornatly for the five folks that want to take my class this fall I will no longer be giving classes in my workshop. I recently have downsize my shop size and am now focusing on building boat kits, selling my plans and building only custom boats.

Below and on the next few pages I thought it would be nice to show some of my students in their building projects. Also to show you the viewer my work shop. I have had my phone class and emailing asking if I was working out of basement or garage, worst yet they asked if I just sold kits and plans because of the ease of internet and all the frauds out their.

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This year (2009) our class will start in early November. The class is at least four months long. We meet on each weekends and sometime during the week. The workshops offered at White Salmon Boat Works are hands-on practical applications designed for the first time or experienced boat builder. All classes are presented and overseen by shop owner and wood craftsman Ray Klebba.





We guarantee it will float.

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