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Columbia Star Sea Kayak

Multi Facet Sea Kayak ~ Excellent Stability ~ Smooth Lines


The Columbia Star is the excellent sea kayak for paddlers who want a multi facet sea kayak. This is the right sea kayak for close quarters such as salt marshes, back bays, river paddling, photography, bird watching, fishing or just lazy day cruising. The Columbia Star's shallow arch hull gives it an excellent initial stability and it's easy to handle is a prime choice for the beginner paddler. This boat has the open water tracking and handling characteristics that are favored by the seasoned paddler.

The hull's shape is a shallow-arch design with moderate "V" bow. Much like many of the modern canoes the stern has the plumb edge, this helps "extend" the waterline.

Columbia Star's 24" beam at the waterline produces a "fast" hull along with a low sheer line to shed wind. The Columbia Star has a plenty of enclosed storage fore and aft. The cockpit coaming is large for comfortable touring. Knees can be raised from the seated position.

Can be fitted with a rudder if so desired, however, this kayak tracks so well you may not want one.

Columbia Star specifications: Length: 16' Width: 25 Weight: 42 lbs. Cockpit: 34"x17" 1 " bow rocker and 1" stern rocker.

Columbia Star Sea Kayak

Plans: $135 . Basic Kit: $1,300 . Full Kit: $3,400


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